IO1 - AGME methodology and teaching guide​​

Progress 100%

Digital education and the use of digital technologies in education and training have emerged as an essential part of the learning process and the pandemic has highlighted a number of shortcomings that need to be addressed in order to successfully achieve the integration of digital technologies into education, promoting their potential and mitigating their risks. This output establishes a methodology and a teaching guide to support pedagogical processes in the online classroom. It aims to provide tools to support instructors and teachers by creating an innovative methodology based on agile methods and a teaching guide for online learning.

The methodology contributes to providing solutions to the challenges posed by students and teachers in the abrupt shift to online learning due to the COVID-19 crisis. The methodology equip educators with key competences and skills to produce quality online education.

The teaching guide is a tool specifically designed for the online learning environment. The document aims to provide the right tools and resources for a smooth transition to the online classroom.

IO leader: Aalborg Universitet

IO2 - Digital Training Toolbox for online education​

Progress 100%

The Output consists of the deployment of a training toolbox for online education. It covers the entire creation and development of a set of open educational resources that include the creation of a virtual environment, the training program of AGME for online education, the collection, selection and classification of additional educational material and resources to create a didactic center, as well as the celebration of a set of practical webinars related to agile methodologies and digital education.

The objective of the Training toolbox is to improve digital literacy, capacities and skills at different levels of education and training. Its main result will be a Digital training Toolbox with a catalog of resources for online education. The toolbox intends to be didactic centers where teachers and students can access a wide variety of didactic material and content, both the own contents developed within the framework of AGME and different OERs both from previous projects of the partners and from external projects. The toolbox will therefore bring together a wide range of knowledge about technologies applied to teaching, teaching methodologies in virtual environments, and training in key skills and abilities.

IO leader: EVM

IO3 - AGME Evaluation tools and pilot testing​

Progress 100%

The Intellectual Output consists of a series of evaluation tools and a general pilot testing that will be held during the last stage of the project. These evaluation tools will focus on assessing the quality of the modules, the teaching and the learning experiences, enabling the partners to identify the improvements that should be done after the evaluation phase.

The objective is to measure the impact of the approaches proposed in AGME, directly involving the target audiences and stakeholders in the pilot testing and analyzing the weak points that could be improved. Several professors from different HEIs previously selected by the consortium will participate in this test.

IO leader: Hellenic Mediterranean University